Excuse me while I slip into something more… outrageous...

I’m bringing my famous clothes swap home to the UK!

In Portland, I used to host quarterly clothes swaps, where the lovely ladies of Oregon would donate clothing they don’t wear, and leave with swanky new pieces they’ll love. It was hugely popular stateside, offering people the opportunity to freshen up their wardrobe and accessories outfits without breaking the bank.

Now, we’re doing it in the UK too. Because why should Portland have all the fun?

If you’d like to be involved, subscribe to my newsletter and follow my Instagram for updates on the next swap, and I’ll do all the hard work.

I love my clothes swaps events - it’s a cheap, no-risk way to find your style and truly express yourself. It’s also a great opportunity to meet like minded people to share fashion tips with.

So come on, get involved!